Chinese football fast horse TOP10

In those years, China’s football is a high, and the Chinese team is fast in Asian football. The Chinese team is also unique in Asia, and the Asian football column is hurt in one time. We discharge the top ten fast horses in Chinese football in combination with speed and influence.

Tenth today lTang Xiaoyu (11 seconds 3)

Born in Yantai, Shandong, Yantai, A a A, and the early days of the A a A. It became the two sharp knife of Shandong Taishan team. In addition to the speed of fast, and the physical fitness is very good, often do not know the tired running, Shandong The first time I won the Football Association’s first work, I remember it in Tang Xiaotou. The seven games were joined in six goals. I regret that there were too many people in China at that time, the national team had no Tang Xiao.

Ninth Zhuang Yi (11 seconds 4)

Born in Shenyang, Liaoning, Shenyang, Liaoning, and Zhuang Yi’s spheres. It is characterized by a very good runner. At that time, it was evaluated for a few years of players. At the time of the league, there is a saying, anti-death Zhuang Yi Then the Liaoning team is not a terrible, and it is the importance of Zhuang Yi. Unfortunately, there are too many injuries. At the age of the national team, you will be retired early 27.

Eighth Hu Yunfeng (11 seconds 4)

Born in Shanghai in 1973, the rapid horses said that the main front line killer of the Bayi team, his floating position and sidewalk protocol made him a focus on guard against the defender, Hu Yunfeng often selected the national team, but it may not be suitable The national team is playing, which has never been reused, but Hu Yunfeng is still an unpleasant speed striker in early A a A.

Seventh Wei Yi Shi (11 seconds 65)

Born in Dalian in 1971, Wei Yi people’s characteristics are fast, but physical fitness is his weaknesses. He and Xiao Wangtao have helped Dalian to get a championship in five years, and even Jin Zhiyang specializes in the front of Xie Feng to the guard line. Wei Yi people, strangely, I don’t know why, the two main strikers of the A A hegemony have not been reused.

Sixth Li Yi (11 seconds 7)

In 1979, he was born in Anhui, fast, good at grabbing, Shenzhen won the main striker of the A-champion, in the national team, also obtained the Asian Cup of Asian Cup, but Li Yi’s biggest name is still in the network, because some remarks Let him become a net red.

Fifth, Li Huada (10 seconds 98)

In 1963, it was born in Shandong, the speed is fast, the breakthrough is good, and the technology is excellent. Li Huabi is the most legendary player in the history of Chinese football. Shiqing Touri and Roman Baybettbastenbiebie shoulder, Lehager even took him to the German, and finally retired due to injury 25 years old. It is really too much. Regret.

4th Xie Feng (11 seconds 2)

In 1966, he was born in Beijing. His feature is to run acceleration and endurance. It was originally a striker, and later made the defender, Xie Feng represents Beijing Guoan to get the Football Cup champion, and also participated in the 97th issue on behalf of the Chinese team. In 2000, he retired, and it was also a long time in Chinese players.

Third Fang Qu (11 seconds 2)

Born in Tianjin in 1981, it is known as the chasing boy, and the year is less famous. The Asian Yong rande will enter the ball. South Korea. It is necessary to know that the Chinese team is in terms of terrorism, can win Korea to make Chinese fans happy. For a while, Shiqing Tournaise has attacked the Argentine goal, and there is no one in the wind. In 2010, the East Asian Fourth Sediment and Deng Zhuoxiang cooperated, assists Deng Zhuoxiang into the most wonderful ball, once again defeating the Korean team. It is unfortunate that the injury is not as expected.

Third (side) Yao Xia (11 seconds 2)

book my show op sharma Born in Chongqing in 1974, the nickname of the cheetah, Yao Xia is not high, the center of gravity is low, there is a sudden change in the fast run, some similar to Messi’s players. His body is solid, instant acceleration is very strong, and the opponent’s defender is hard to intercept him. Yao Xia got the praise of the fans on the game.

Second Yang Chen (11 seconds 7)

Born in Beijing in 1974, the speed is very fast, the shot is large, Yang Chen’s goal is mostly the kind of long shot, power is full, it looks very enjoyable. At present, Yang Chen still keeps the Chinese player five league goal record, Yang Chen is The main striker of the Chinese team in the 2002 World Cup. Another year of Shenzhen won the League champion.

First peak (11 seconds 4)

Born in Shenyang in 1971, the peak is more than fast, and the high-speed female walk cycle reference change is in a hurry, the exciting ability is also good, the breakthrough can be strong, but the peak of the scene is too unpleasant, soak, drink, free to squander Talent, fans are love and hate, and retired for many years is the best striker in the heart of the fans.

Nowadays, there is no high, no high, technology is not good, more missing the previous players, when can Chinese football can have some distinctive players in the past 20 years, it is estimated that it is difficult to see within twenty years.