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“Deng Hong China Manchester United JerseyFootball Survey: China’s football leaflet British torch strike investigation, send 47 people back 38”

Author: Deng Hong

Deng Hong

Since this newspaper reported the teenager, Zuo Zhe, Zhang Ziming, and Sun Kun, the reporter received a lot of phones, they would like to know more about staying in the British teenagers? The opily came from Sun Jihai, Li Tie in Yingchao After success, British seems to have become a holy place in many Chinese tall players. So. What is the current situation of Chinese tall players in the British? This newspaper launched an investigation.

Communicate with the British, no obstacle

Send 47, come back 38

It is understood that Beijing Sai Yang Sports Broker is currently China’s only company who transports a single tall player to foreign students. Three years ago, they have begun to operate the players to study in the UK. She has already had 47 players to study in the UK, including Zhang Xiaobin, who came to the national Olympics. Zhang Xiaobin.

In 2000, Sai Yang sent 13 players to a small club soccer school called Black City. One year later, they have returned to China, and now they are almost doing. In 2001, they sent 16 people to the Black City Club Football School and the Stoke Harbor Club Football School. They only have high, Zuo Zhe and Yili. In 2002, they sent 18 people to the Stoke House Club Football School and your youth team, and the football school in Manchester City, and also returned to the Stoke Club Football School in the Black City Club Football School. Direct delivery to the youth team is Zhang Xiaobin and Liu Bolong.

At present, nine people continue to stay in Britain, but only Zhang Xiaobin, high speech, Zuo Zhe, Yili, Zhang Ziming and Sun Kun. Gu Zuo Zhe will continue to lead English in England next month, and Yili will continue to stay in Stoke Football School. Zhang Ziming and Sun Kun have been less than 16 years old, so they will be in Manchester City football. At the same time as the school study, continue to study properly in the private school. In addition, three were leaving in the pre-class class of three universities. Among them, the 17-year-old Puan Champian began to study in Oxford University, and he was very interested in performance. After reading a year, he will continue Two years of performance. 19-year-old Tang Hao comes from Beijing, and he is currently studying in Sports Management Professional in Lavberg University. In addition, Shishi Tian from Guilin’s pre-class class in Sports University of Liverpool University.

Lack of self-discipline is the main cause of death

Why is 47 people currently continue to stay in the UK, in this regard, Liu Zhigang, general manager of Beijing Sean Sports Broker, is regrettable, but he has no choice but, he believes that the expectation value of the first parents is an important reason for most players study abortions. In fact, those who stayed, the expectations of parents are generally comparable. Liu Zigang believes that parents want to take a professional player, which is not wrong, but the problem is a person who wants to become a professional player, which is the process of subtlety. One of the reasons for too high expectations, I am afraid it is the cost of 130,000 yuan a year (if less than 16 years old, I have to go to private school reading, the cost will be close to 200,000 yuan). For a Chinese family, this is not a small number.

Second, he believes that lack of self-discipline is one of the reasons why most players were eliminated. In the UK, coaches usually give the players a lot of free training space, everything is conscious, unlike the domestic coach supervision, many players indulge themselves. Not self-discipline is still not united and unsanitary, some Chinese players are very uncomfortable in the UK, and even someone still stealing mobile phones, this British is very disgusted. The British loves health and even has a httime, so Chinese players have left a very bad impression on the help of the aisle.

Finally, there is a reason is also important, that is, the football and cultural literacy of studying players are not high, so they are also restricting their development to a certain extent. In order to ensure the material, Liu Zigang decided to introduce some levels of players from the club to Europe to study abroad, Hu Jun, who came to Spain and the UK trial next month, is based on this consideration. Moreover, the way he transported the player has developed into three countries by a country in the UK, and the other two countries are Spain and Portugal. At the same time, he still has an idea, that is, it is best to organize the whole team to Europe to study abroad. In this case, it will increase faster, but this is a problem, that is, the problem of Chinese coach and the British coach, he believes that it is currently laccited in China. I understand football and understand English.

At least a foreign language

Zuo Zhe’s father left Zhenming: he is much more

When Liu Zhigang went to Qinhuangdao Chinese football school recruited, I thought if I saw the world in foreign countries, I certainly kicked it.

When he came back last year, he thought about what he had to grow than before, so I went to the school to find the coach, the coach made him play, and the national team coached by Cao Xidong chose a big list. This year, he learns English, swim, running. Through two years of study, he is much more, he said to me several times, the money earned by the family has given him a study, so he must kick. When this year, the Stoke Harbor Marketing Manager Subella, I met him, he conveyed the coach’s recognition of Zuostrios, I was very pleased.

High-quality father Gao Zhixiang:

Want him into a composite person

I didn’t want him to die on this road in football, because in case of injury, it is very difficult, I hope he becomes a composite material. He went to the first year, and he went to the hotel to wash the dishes in his first half. Of course, more than 1,000 pounds have also had a sense of accomplishment to him. This time he is clear, we must take the coaching certificate under the age of 18.

Zhang Zi Ming’s father Zhang Qirong: Go out is better than late.

Of course, he wants him to kick, the UK is based on the matter, no matter if there is no matter. I think it is good to go out early. It seems that the original choice is right, before English he will only 26 letters, now his English is very good. It is only that football has not reached my expectations. The main British coaches are not the same, they asked players to play more.

Sun Kun’s father Sun Laifang: He learned tolerance

He was 11 years old when he went last year. To be honest, I am not worried about his self-care ability. I think I want to kick out, the spirit will is very important, this is better than domestic. My family conditions are good, he is inert, and sports can only achieve results under hard conditions. He now understands a lot more than before, seeing the problem is almost the thinking of adults. He used to be very naughty, easy to lose his temper, such as on the court, teammates did not pass to him, he said that people. Now he learns tolerance.

There is still too little to study for study abroad.Lionel messi Jersey

For a long time, I spent a long time, through a variety of ways, I learned about the situation of the leaves. The most typical is high, he actually designed the future for yourself, there is no accident, he will definitely become an excellent coach. Zuo Zhe is likely to be the most likely players who have the most likely to land in the European Professional League. To this end, Liu Zhigang, general manager of Sai Yang Sports Broker, has said that he will let Zuo Zhe to find opportunities for development in Spain and Portugal.

Sun Kun and Zhang Zi Mingno will have the opportunity to integrate into the UK cultural idea, they may not be a good professional player, but at least they give the authentic English football concept brought by Chinese football. Will benefit Chinese football. As Sai Kits Football Kits Yang’s old chief Liu Zhigang said, it became a good player as a process of subtle. Now, we have seen at least a good start.

10 years ago, when 22 players in Jianlibao youth came to Brazil to study in Brazil, Japan already had tens of thousands of people to study abroad, and Japanese football today’s success is largely the trial of studying players. According to reporters, Chinese players currently study abroad have only been hundreds of people. Numbers have explained all problems.

In order to better let everyone know the situation of leaving the British teenager, we specially ask for high prize, Zuo Zhe, Zhang Zi Ming and Sun Kun provide diary of their lives, training and competition, we will settle regularly.