Casano: M Shita is in this Roman like a fish, he and Mu Shuai can’t come.

Live Bar November 7Mbappé Jersey th, Rome said that Casano’s live show “Bobotv” in Vieri’s live program “Bobotv” also talked about Rome’s current situation.

“I think Cristiano Ronaldo JerseyMstatliang is now in this Rome, like a fish who left the water, he and the bishop practiced Murinio. On the other hand, the Olympic Stadium has passed the first time for Murinio.And Abraham’s buzz. “

“I know very much about Rome, they must now win the achievements, there is no permanent saints here. I still remember Garcia, Di Francisco’s coaching experience in Rome, just achieved good results, Rome is aBeautiful but also the team with his unique question. Chelsea Jersey “