C Luo and Mourinho, only the Greze family behind Manchester United, build a business football tool

It is real, the 21-year-old Milan Qing training door will be Donar Rama, now the top of the Italian team, and may even be the world’s top ten door. At this year’s Serie A League, at least 15 points for Milan, he and Ibrahtai, the top position of Milan occupied the league list, and set up the sweat work.

So he assumes 8 million years of salary, and the player’s career is very precious, the young people have to be a little, not shameful, look at the Rome two generations of Wolf Wang Ti and Drones, after the old, even the minimum dignity Didn’t get it. So, in my heart, Milan even ends for thousands of years from Dana Ram, the young people are not hot.

But really let Milan have no dignity, but the additional terms behind the contract, what is the 40 million euros of the contract (learn Dort’s Halland?), Do not enter the European Financial (the club is directly into grandson), Requires a contract for short-term limit (Raiola, putting this more Narura’s broker, is coming to disgusting people).

At present, Dana Rama has four months, and Milan has fallen into a very embarrassing and unfavorable situation. Two director Marrtini and Maslana are in Raiola. Negotiation, I have been stagnant again. Although the player I really want to stay, everyone has not reached a consensus in the economy, and the gap between the details of the contract is too big.

Although many fans believe that the pot in Mirabile and Faso, the players who gave Bolini and Rena can have a salary of 3 million salary and increased Milan’s salary. In fact, this is just a look, and it is impossible to be good at the age of “vampire”. This fat man is best at maximizing the interests of the players who own and their own flags.

So the problem is coming, is it in the summer, choose to let go, or a dendrise to sign the contract, leave “more money” to deal with the upcoming Champions League? I personally think that if you have only 5,000 money in a monthly salary, you don’t start a Bentley, because this luxury, you even care, then you have dinner?

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Moreover, Raiola is a bottomless hole, so that every year, I can’t afford it! You see Manchester United’s old Trafford’s mineral giants, you can’t take the request of Ryiola, and the Milan in the revival is still not going to this.

At present, the position of Goalkeepers is relatively easy to find alternatives, especially in Italy known as chain defensive, whether they are cultivated, or to buy a low-level team, news breaking news they can consider it.

As for Dana Ram, although it is Milan Youth training, anyone and anything can not be higher than the overall interest of the club. Even if there is no improvement in the competition, it should be like Manchester United to give up Harland, the ingredients cannot be lost.

If this time Milan is compromising to the fat man, then the future “more money” may be bought by a certain head line news today giants, and Milan’s safety margin is almost gone. Like the renewal of the Little Rome, it will be dragged to the contract due to “more money”, then leave free to leave.

With this passive and humble, it is better to stick to the bottom line and principles, open a reasonable price make Donar Ramma to choose, and also looked at the small Rome, just 10 and other players, Milan’s cathedral did not fall, still Have your own beliefs.

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