Brown responded friends provocative: "I’ll try trading"

Antonio Brown – very happy yesterday, Pittsburgh Steelers lost 42-37 to Biao points battle with the Kansas City Chiefs in the game cameras captured the attack group and coach Randy Brown – Fick Turner quarrel picture, Brown in race nine times the ball forward 67 yards, it did not seem to do more to promote the ball and frustrated. Already a fit of anger, the result of someone like fuel, a former Steelers staff as Brown mouthing song.

Borg said Rod Rees contact Ryan – – Ska Noir Brown and talk about this on Twitter: “Antonio – Brown should thank his shit, because the team where he was selected Big Ben is big. this achievement Brown, if he would not get so many beautiful data for other teams to play. “

Then, Antonio Brown – forwarded this tweet, and said: “Trade me, we’ll see.”

Linebacker Bud – Dupree said the team knew Brown did not want to be traded, I believe he just went through some top after a bitter defeat in the face sprayer vent their grievances. “You know that after AB’s strength, in particular, has experienced such a defeat. He just wanted to help the team win more victories. He will always ready to play, where he did a lot of great things, we need him.”

Brown currently has five consecutive seasons have completed more than 100 times the number of times the ball, and the Big intimate partner. Game, Big Ben will be doing all it can put the ball in the hands of Brown, he was targeted 17 times yesterday, only juju – Smith – two more than he Schuster. Of course, this may also be one of the reasons Brown is not happy. In addition to quarrel with the offensive coaches group in the final moments of the game, also affected his mood. In the fourth quarter, it is 1 minute and 59 seconds. Daries in the three yards, and Brown didn’t go to celebrate with the team, but a person went back to the scene, which caused the media guess.

We have no real emotions of Brown, because he did not answer any questions after losing the game, leaving the court. Instead, Wallace answered many questions about Brown’s, when after the game, Wallace asked whether a chemical reaction with the star catcher when the problem occurred, he replied: “I do not think so, defense chiefs look for him very dead, several people are facing double-team situation, so I have to find other people like Jesse – James Ryan and juju (Siwei Ze) and James – Washington doing well, other people stand out. “

Brown a “trade me”, caused an uproar on the Internet, but this time most people are standing here Brown.

“I checked some data that the Steelers if the transaction Brown would be too unwise.”

“We all know that Brown does not really want to be traded, is not it? It is clear that he is defending his own reputation, even without star quarterback he is still the strongest player in the league, he was right.”

“AB is definitely a monster, saying that he went to the other team disappeared remarks really funny. Big AB and has established a good relationship, why did he leave it? Sprayer get out of here.”

There is no doubt in his career Brown was lucky enough to encounter an excellent quarterback, which makes him a great deal. But this system the player said he was Big men is nonsense, and the system players will not be completed for five consecutive seasons 100+ catches, yards and consecutive 1200+ get more than eight touchdowns; system players will not He was selected to the Pro bowl six times; the system will not be ranked No. 7 player in the best player in the list given by PFF.

Antonio – Brown will enter the Hall of Fame one day in the future one, he needs to thank Ben for his help over the years, but if someone does not think that Big Brown would not exist today, is simply stupid.

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