Brazilian players actually praise Chinese football … The reason is just to say "pride!"

Original title: Brazil players actually praise Chinese football … The reason is only to say “pride!” Source: View on the news

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I am afraid that someone else did not think that there were no one in her life, and a football kingdom-Brazil’s football players would praise Chinese football.

Yes … you didn’t look wrong, Chinese football …

China produces football … This is the baby’s understanding!

On November 5, the Brazilian Rafael, who kicked the front of the club, received a football bought from China. He praised: “” China’s manufacturing quality is taking, Brazil is good at playing, China is good at the ball. “

In Dongguan, Guangdong, the automation plant can make a football every three minutes, and the Brazilian World Cup designation is produced in China.

Buying a football in Brazil may take 20 dollars, but buying from China may not be 10 US dollars, but also … Now a football cross-border logistics from China is boring over the sea to Brazil as long as 10 days.

Almost all the World Cup is almost all of them called “World Football Manufacturing Bocal” in northern Pakistan. After the World Cup in 1982, the football manufactured here is famous. The Hand-sewing football in the Sielcot area has a century history. According to the Canadian “Global Chelsea JerseyMail”, the football plant in the area has 60 million football every year.

However, with the development of China’s manufacturing industry, China has begun to gradually undertake the task of manufacturing football for international football events. In Dongguan, Guangdong, the Chinese factory uses an automated production line, and a football can be produced every three minutes.

According to reports, the strong American women’s football uses football produced in China. In 2018, it was imported into the United States, more than half of China manufactured in China. China exceeds Pakistan and becomes the first football exporter of the United States. Today, Chinese football is accompanied by Chinese e-commerce to the world, a Chinese football, 10 days can cross 16632 kilometers to Brazil.

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Column Editor: Gu Wanquan

Education Author: China Daily Network

Text Editor: Cheng Pei

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Photo editing: Xiang Jianying

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