Bracero hit try! Pony year 25 million contract to finalize the "river" Rivers

(Text / ESPN compile / Everland) free market most heavy news must be the quarterback Brady join the pirates, but before he settled in official propaganda, another concern of his veteran quarterback also find new destination. According to well-known reporter Adam ESPN – Xie Fute reported that the former star quarterback Lightning “river” Philip – Rivers will switch to the Indianapolis Colts.

It is reported that the pony and Rivers signed a one-year, $ 25 million contract, and after the swap first-round picks they can go the next day after the election a quarterback in the draft, so he behind Rivers learning year. And Rivers is bound to replace Jacobi – Bristol Seth became the starting quarterback pony season.

Bristol Seth was signed last September a two-year contract with the Colts, the team had hope he can become Andrew – a perfect substitute Mubarak; however, after Mubarak unexpectedly retired, he stepped in to lead the pony once played 5 wins 2 losses record, but injuries and passing accuracy knee still difficult for him to continue to win.

Colts last season, losing in the last nine games, seven games in the last five years in the fourth missed the playoffs, Bristol Seth came 2942 yards, 18 touchdowns, but 60.8% of his passes success rate ranked No. 30 in the league. Rivers now joined the pony, he will enjoy the protection of the league’s top offensive line, this is the only striker a perfect attendance last season, the main offensive line, steady evident. Moreover, he can get on the road regular season rushing yardage offensive seventh assist.

Since the 2004 NBA Draft and Eli – Manning after the exchange, Rivers has been stayed lightning, and from 2006 began to be righting the starting quarterback until the team decided this year not to renew his contract. Last season, he finished 4615 yards passing and 23 touchdowns passing success rate to 66%, but he also 23 ball right away to the other party (including steals and off the ball). You know, in the two years between 2017-2018, he had the right to convert only 24 overs.

In December last year, Rivers celebrated his 38 birthday, he left the lightning passing yardage 59,271 yards and 397 touchdowns, and maintains 30 record in team history. Over the past 16 years, Rivers into the Pro Bowl eight times, in 2014, he became the first in league history a single season five consecutive games scoring more than 120 points passing quarterback, and the first issue of 224 consecutive games is enough to prove his stability.

To be sure, Rivers must not be a pony in the future, but for this aim with the existing lineup playoffs and even the Super Bowl team, Rivers is undoubtedly their best spell plate.