Both controlling the ball!Nova: I love to see Yiki’s game gets his respect feeling very cool.

On December 1st, Beijing time, today, before NBA player Nova talked about the NBA center change in a program.

Nova said: “I think this is also related to the coach. The coach should know the strengths and disadvantages of the player, and then let him be in the best position. Some coaches restrict the player, my favorite coach I encountered in my life.Let me be myself, I am very grateful. “

“Last night, I saw Yauchi in the club. I love to watch his game. I think he is an incredible player. I drank a few more cups last night. We talked for a long time, it’s cool. You know,From the best players in the league, they have a very cool feeling. He remembers my competition, he respects I brought
to the game. “

(9th Five Pig)