Boo: The excellent point is that only 6 remember three points we play a bit messy but stick to it.

Beijing time November 27th news NBA regular season, the Spurs at home defeating the Celtics, and then the squat coach Pomovi has accepted an interview.

Talking about this field to win, Bobovic said: “The excellent thing in this victory lies in that we only live in three-pointers, but the power, aggressive and the desire of victory are very exciting.Bat, I am very happy that my team members can enjoy this. “

“In the NBA, the lead in a game will always come to go, depending on how you should make a response. Our opponent was a good one, but they made a good response and achieved leadingWe play a little chaos, but we
insist on it, try to have a whole game. I really have been very happy for my players, very proud. “

This bureau, the three-pointer of the Spurs is 24 shots 6.