Big knife! Griffin directly fell out of the wheel exchange! Fans: Nash is yours

Where is Griffin going?

In the past two games, the Nets Dounda Bried Griffn did not have an opportunity to get an opportunity. Today, the Net of the Net Short Shuishi gave an answer, Nash said DNP Griffin, to give other players. Opportunities.

In other words, Nash is the same as Griffin, and the use of Xiajordan in the last season is the same, either to play, or don’t play it, in most competitions, there is no opportunity, this and the top two before the season The game Nash directly DNP Bruce – Brown.

Horse wakes up!

Nash is the largest cancer in the Net!

Why do you say this?

This season, Grififang has been played for 21.8 minutes. It can contribute 5.5 points of 4.9 rebounds and 2 assists, 32.1% of the shooting rate, 16.1% of the three-point ball rate, we must admit that this data should not be A first-haired data, as of now, Griffin has been involved in 22 three-pointers.

If you use the first center to measure him, Griffin can’t get it first, but can’t play it first, you can’t kneel it. Griffin in this season, defense is still the top level in the Nets. He is a player who created the most in the session, and the averaging cricket is 0.7 times, and the league is first.

First of all, I admit that Griffin’s first finale is very losing, because he has no height, no arm exhibition, excellent exercise ability is also disappeared because of injury, he hits the center is to suffer.

However, the tissue of the end of the connection section, Griffin has already proved in the last season, how good he can complete this role, how do you say that DNP Griffin does not let the game, return 10,000 steps, What he is, it is also stronger than Milhap.

Nash did this, there is no doubt that it is crime.

How long can Durant still do?

This season’s Durant, the field is 35.5 minutes, this data is the concept, which is the new high since his nearly 6 seals! Nash is unable to help Durant burden.

Looking at the basket, Durant, Harden, Aldridge, Mills, Bruce – Brown, James – Johnson, De Andre – Benbury, Brek Griffin, Paul Milsa Pu, this is in the case of Joe-Harris, Clarkston and Kaili-Owen, and the remaining lineup.

These people, casually, it is a 20-minute important role player in other teams last season. You Nash will be a bit, the Nash is not hitting now, relying
on the death of Durant to win the ball. When Durant is tired, Nash coach’s position is sitting.

Said a fun fact, from Nash to the basket network teaching whip, until the 104 games taught by this season (including the playoffs), he has never eaten technical foul, and he never looking for a referee to argue. .

In the 6th game lost in the season, Nash has 5 games, and it is called to be paused at about 15 points, and the normal coach is connected to the competition. Nets and the sun, Nash’s first initiative is suspended in the second festival. At that time, the Net has been behind the sun and 19 points! (Note: The suspension of the first section is officially suspended)

Well, you can’t even be called, can you expect you to coach the team?

Finally, I still have to go back to the topic. When Griff is not able to use, the Nets are currently hurting the team. The coach has hang up the 20th ball, they are still the first, which proves the team’s How well the depth is, I hope Nash can learn early, how to insulate the waves, how to call the pause.

In short, there is a word, the lineup of the basket network, you let who come as a coach, you will not be bad!