Beijing Vanke upgrade Huan Jingcheng model "Million Platform" Harow Xiaowei accelerated

Recently, in 2022, the Jingjin-Hebei tourism card was officially released, which means that the development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei cooperative development strategy is further further. In fact, as the Beijing non-Capital function industry, the Beijing-Beijing region is welcoming the new development pattern.

As everyone knows, the resources of Beijing’s give me the news spillover are constantly injecting, all kinds of industries, medical, education and other resources have been disconnected to Huan Jing, once the room rate is up, but after this round of regulation, the demand for the root in the Beijing property market is squeezed, self-occupied Improvement demand is released. The population of the industrial transfer is inflowing, is forming a new “occupational balance” pattern, which puts forward new development and operation tests in the local developer, especially in the development of the operation and supporting service, and enters the Xianghe River 8 years of Beijing Vanke is gradually fulfilling the city “answer”.

From Beijing Fangshan Changyang Peninsula to Wen, Qinglong Lake Villa District, to Taihu New City, and then go to Hano Xiaowei Town, Beijing Wanke, Beijing Vanke, latest big news and make a slow money, focus In order to provide the owner’s genes with a wide variety of beautiful life scenes. Even in the delivered project, Vanke will also add funds to match the supporting upgrade, which is due to the consideration of the long-term business philosophy.

Four genes in the city model

As the industry leader, Vanke’s development and operational ability is the exclusive weapon of its “Creative City”. Departing from the 20-year development and cultivation of the Liangzhu Cultural Village, to the large market, there is a lot of flowers, and in turn, the “Wanke” Wild City “model is constantly upgrading iteration.

Similar to the location of the main city of Beijing, the land is scarce, even if the small body project can also find the corresponding market demand, and the difference is that Huanjing area is more suitable for market development, such as Liangzhu Cultural Village or Arnaa. The national well-known and active projects, the premise requires a certain scale and capital investment, and also tests housing and enterprises and operational capabilities.

“In Vanke Interior, the project of 300,000 -4 million square meters or more is the buildings in some degree, and the multi-product information is integrated.” Yan Yuejin, the study director of the Yijial Research Institute, said that it is for Vanke big The “exclusive weapon” of the city, both core common business logic, also have a “desirable” characteristic according to each project.

Yan Yuejin further said that in accordance with Beijing Vanke’s investment logic, the large market is to fit the city development operations, which is a new center of urban development potential energy, the future or a city or region. The gene of Wanke Coat, the first is to have the concept of long-termism, and the previous support must have a reservation of the core planning business; The form of the way; the third must have education and support; the fourth must have a good property to provide high quality services for the owners.

At the five rings of Beijing, Beijing Vanke Core City has mature experience, but as the first attempt to enter the Beijing market, Vanke chooses the Xianghe.

Huanjing small towns have exceeded 8 years

Close to the Xianghe, the Beijing Deputy Center, is the undertaking of the external migration of Beijing’s non-Capital functional industry. At present, there is currently an industrial support for the construction of Xianghe International Furniture City, Robotic Industrial Park, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Auto Parts Trading Logistics Center.

More importantly, the capital city service function is in the east expansion, Xianghe, Grand Factory and Sanhe and Tongzhou City Deputy Center Unified Plan, medical, education and other resources are gathered in Tongzhou and North Third County. The population is moved, bringing new opportunities to the eastern region to form urban services, high-end talents aggregated.

Under the variety of factors, Vanke teamed up for five mines, and the first station of the Beijing-Beijing market was selected in Xianghe. In 2013, the two sides jointly took place, 2016, 2017 Five Mine Vanke City Phase I, the second phase of the owner delivery, to the 2018 town supporting commercial Baker Street opened, to the 2020 Beijing five-color Tukikoni, Signing, now to now Open the second demonstration zone in the small town, after 8 years, Harlowen Town, nearly a thousand mu, became a new sample of “New Town Construction”.

The overall planned building area of ??Harow urban towns is approximately million square meters. At present, there will be more than 2,000 households, according to the overall planning and design, there will be 7,000 owners to stay in the future, and the corresponding support will continue to land.

“More than 70% of the guest groups come from Beijing, including Beijing eastern commuter office workers and purchasers who can achieve the ‘5 + 2’ lifestyle, the remaining customer group is local improvement needs, this part of the guest is more stable, it is a large-scale sales Good reasons. “In the Harow Town Marketing Center, a sales person said that the epidemic, the Xianghe is less than 10 in the sale of new houses, but the demand in the east of Beijing is still active.

The above marketing staff said that the purchase of the guests need to be the main need to be mainly demanded, in view of the natural geosetics, Harow Xiaowei can realize the “occupational balance of the living in the Xianghe, working in Beijing”, attracting a lot in eastern Beijing Package in the area work. In addition, with the movement of Beijing’s non-Capital functional industry, the relevant upstream and downstream enterprises entered the Xianghe, bringing the increase in employment population, and also allowed the trendy work of Xianghe property City, Harlow Town has accelerated, and the sales price of over 10,000 yuan is also More stable.

In Vanke Management, real estate requires long-term business some news philosophy, large scale and body size, and there is time cost to grind and improve service. Especially in the development of the large market, it is necessary to gradually adjust, landing related business, education, etc. according to the gradual occupancy of the owner’s life demand. There is a core planning, and there is also a space reservation to create a work of “returning to living”.