Beijing time September 18th, the US ESPN baseball commentator Jessica-Doomsa today is published in the competitive situation video column of this year.Men Dosa insists that Dodge will eventually partition the kingThere are still three national associate teams that have hoped in the season.Coloradonloe has a 10,000-winged 67 negative, and the weak advantages of half a holiday is temporarily leading.Today, I just ended the 4-winning Los Angeles Dodge in the division of 82 wins and 68, and the Arizona Rhott snake is slightly behind, and there is currently a third of the 78-win-72-negative achievements.Doomsa believes that the snake is one of the best teams in the league. They have the best first-hand pitcher group, but the blow is a strong, which will make them disadvantages in the last two weeks. Considering that they have already opened four gaps in four games, this will make the probability of the snake to the playoffs minimize; and the Rociki team is opposite to the snake, their hits are ranked, but they The performance of the first firing is lower than the average; the Dodge has the best book strength of the entire big union, but the performance of the season in the season, the performance of the season, let them have to fill the pit they digged before the next half season. However, after all, they have a relatively good pitcher with wilderness, which may help them get the head name of the National Union West, and Rocky will also regret the head name for 6 years in the regular season 162. The first partitioned head name since the team’s team.Let’s take a concrete manifestation of each team. As of September 17, Beijing time, the Dodge team got 719 points and ranked 6th across the entire big alliance. It is a team that is all from the United States. It is also the five attack fire-fighting teams that have already basically locked the 5-season seats in the United States. Especially in the end of the season, they have reached 100 victims ( It has reached the standard), Yangji and space people. So, Dodge is the team’s most scored team, and the degradation points of the +146 points are also the best in the entire country. Layer Rank No. 4, long-term ranking National United Nations No. 1, and the team 3.44’s self-sharing

is also ranked. It can be said that the Dodge, which has such a prominent data, still competes with the other two teams to compete for the partition name, one side is that they are not good enough, or the toughness is not enough, lost a lot of low-specific points. On the other hand, they are self-acquisition. When they are far less than 50% of the team, they tend to play, only 1 win and 6 defeat against the arms of the mullet, this performance is Let their current situation should be reasonable.

Let’s look at Rocky. They are now 701 points, ranked fourth in the country, second only to Dodge, Warriors with the national, but their loss also reached 700 points, just less than the national union three partition bottoms. The fragmentation of the team. Their degradation points are +1, and only ranked 8th in the Kingdom, it can be said that they can still have a miracle with today’s record. Moreover, there is a problem that the team is unstable, and it is possible that the single field will be pushed into the opponent and may be completed by the opponent in three consecutive games. Different lines depends on several star players, Trevo Stori, Noland – Arrecoto, Ian Desmond, Charlie – Blackmont, Carlos – Gonzalese with DJ-Le The number of 6 players in Mei Yuzu occupied 68.5% of the team, and the other players contributed too lack. This kind of hiking line is more passive in the player, and once the player is blocked, it is hard to expect someone to suddenly jump out as heroes. In addition, it is the pitcher group of Rocky. In addition to Kyle Fritish, the self-opium is about 4 or more. . Although the main scene of Rocky is a heaven, but this level of first lineup will be sneak in the miserable look of each other in the playoffs. If Rocky does not hurry to solve this problem, then they are difficult to have acts even in the playoffs.

Finally, I hope the smallest snake. At that time in Dodge, the snakes once occupied the top of the National Union West. But they are difficult to hold this position because their line score ability is great, and the total score of 654 points can only be ranked 9th, although the total number of points of 594 points is also the fourth less, but barren The walker always allows them to lack the confidence in chasing the score even in the backwardness, and they will once lost 13 games in 14 games in May, including a 7-game loser with a 6-game losing streak. The monthly record is only 8 wins and 19. Although it immediately rebounded one month, he seized 19 victims of 9 defeat, but the winning rate of two months was still less than 50%. In addition to having a 5-game winner, the team has no longer winner, which is not enough for a team of a sign from a team of hobby.

After analyzing the situation of each team, let’s take a look at the last 2 weeks of the three teams. Dodge first should play 6 home, including direct dialogue with Rocky, as well as the priest, and then the last 6 games in the season, is the challenge of competitors, the snake and the world. The Rockfi rose is more dangerous. The remaining four opponents are more than 5%, and the next step will be directly 6 away, and directly face the competitor’s Daohe Snake. If these 6 games can still stay in the leading leading in Guo West District, then they will return to the home in the last 7 games, although the opponent is also a good fault, Philadelo people with the national, but it is estimated that the two balls were The teams have lost their hopes, and more young players will also send more young players. This is a great advantage to Rocky. There are 9 home courts in the last 12 games of the snake, but the opponents are the bear, Rocky followed. The bears are still in the middle of the bodies, and naturally will naturally take our strength. And the direct encounter with the two competitors will determine the final fate of the snake. Bad news is that these opponents are not good to deal with, but good news is as long as they grasp, not only to improve their record, but also suppress the record of the opponent, this is the top two games between the direct competitors. .

Analysis of these, of course, the final result is still to know after these teams have already played. The important significance of the name of the National United District is that not only the first round of competition is a 5-winning series, but no need to play, it is difficult to expect, unusually dangerous external card death. More importantly, once the partitioned name is lost, they may not even get the outer card, after all, the National Lianzhong District also has a winemaker with the red rickets in the two seats.