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On September 15, with the referee whistle, the Spanish team defeated Argentina with a 95-bit fraction of Argentina won the 2019 Men’s World Cup champion. Hold the game at home, lost the game with the game with the signature of the signature, and the Chinese men’s basketball team will be broken.

On the other hand, the male football defeated the first battle, and the main Maldives successfully opened the 2022 World Cup Asian Budget.

Chinese men’s basketball team and Chinese men’s feet, two originals that have not been intended to integrate, have created a wonderful fate due to the World Cup of their respective projects in recent time.

Five Leagues, Champions League, European Cup, World Cup, and the world cup, the popularity and influence of the World Cup, even once over the Olympics.

The most popular in basketball, the greatest influence, the highest level of NBA, but it can’t match the Football World Cup. Two big spheres in the world have no many suspenses, but there is a different situation in China. Football and basketball, who is China’s first movement, and the topic discussed after people’s tea.

Who is the first movement in China, depending on two points.

First, the masses’ basis; second, industrial scale.

1, the number of basketball fans, the football pays high

“2018 China Basketball Industry White Paper” pointed out that in China’s sports industry, basketball has become the first movement. Two groups of young people under 20 years old and two groups of adults in adults are the most like basketball, accounting for about 52% and 40%, respectively, ranked first in all sports.

At the same time, according to the survey report released for sports fans, NBA is currently the most popular sports league in China.

This data combines a series of indicators such as broadcast costs, competition ratings, network payment viewers and social media activity, and more comprehensive.

In fact, in a similar investigation in more than 20 countries around the world, only the list of NBAs in the Chinese market.

In addition, basketball also has advantages in terms of fans.

The “World First Sports” has a wide range of masses in China. China’s overall fans are close to 200 million, including the number of fans who have regularly watching the football league’s habit of about 30 million, and the paid governing chart has exceeded 14 million. .

The number of basketball fans is relatively large. In 2018, China’s flour fans reached 482 million, of which the core basketball fans reached 14.3 billion.

From the shape of the fan, the charm of basketball is greater.

The extensive mass base brought flows to feeding the business value of sports events.

For basketball, the huge basketball fan base, star player’s fan effect reveals the charm and commercial potential of basketball, whether it is the most popular NBA competition, or in recent years, more popular CBAs, events and players The business value driven by the charm becomes an important part of the basketball industry.

Take the NBA of the ranked list as an example, 33% of Chinese fans are willing to pay for NBA. Since the creation of Weibo in 2010, the amount of fans exceeded 40.96 million, which was 1.5 times the NBA in Twitter fans (27.9 million). NBA is also one of the tallest sports events in China.

As one of the most active social platforms in China, Weibo pays attention to the total number of fans of Mbappé Jersey basketball related events and clubs in Weibo. At the same time, the Tiger is one of the most professional basketball forums in China, and the monthly active users are about 55 million. The network traffic brought by social media will actively promote the development of basketball industry, especially after the marketing reform of Chinese men’s basketball team is more obvious.

Tencent Sports as one of the important copyrights of basketball events, and its independent users can reach 482 million. High density, high coverage is the most active support for basketball.

For football, the event that is most popular in domestic fans in recent years is the 2018 World Cup.

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According to the cross-screen view of the 2018 World Cup reported by CCTV, the 2018 World Cup related content has reached 27.85 billion, plus the public data of Youku, Mi Mi platform, this World Cup has always been more than 30 billion Person.

From the network traffic, the focus of football should be significantly higher than basketball.

Chelsea Jersey2, basketball participation is higher than football

Compare attention, participation is more convincing. In China, the participation of football and basketball cannot be better.

Restrictions on sports own characteristics, for basketball, one ball, a basket, one person can pick up, and football is not.

There is a real fan, which is also a real fan, which is a lot of basketball. The basketball is the source of confidence in China’s first movement.

Tough is closely related to the participation Liverpool Jersey of the ball is the infrastructure construction. At this point, basketball has the advantage that football cannot match.

The number of basketball venues is numerous. According to the Sixth National Sports Site Census of the State Sports, the number of basketball courts reached 596,400, accounting for 36.32% of all sports spaces, ranked first in all venue types. The basketball area is 358 million square meters, accounting for 18.37% of all sports spaces, ranking second in all venue types.

In contrast, the number of football venues slightly “cold acid”. According to statistics, as of 2018, there were 545,28 football venues in the country, including 13613 blocks, non-standard football fields, 4,0915 blocks. According to the conversion of the population, the average number of venues of each million have a number of 0.4 pieces.

Under the country where people are less, it takes a lot of human and funds to build a football field, but it is still possible to extrude a basketball court. Restrived by infrastructure construction, basketball participation is higher than that of football.

3, football industrial scale large basketball active reforms become the show

Since 2012, the total situation of my country’s sports industry has grown, and the sports industry has received unprecedented attention in the national policy level. From 0.95 trillion to 2.4 trillion, the prospect of the sports industry will develop.

In 2016, the total scale of domestic football industry was 125.9 billion yuan, and it is one of the highest industries in the ball sports. However, with the active efforts of the Basketball Association in recent years, the scale of basketball is also expanding step by step.

With the continuous in-depth of basketball market reform, sports flourishing features have also gradually appeared, and basketball stars have an important role in the promotion of basketball industry.

There is media report that more than 90% of netizens agree that Yao Ming’s existence is the main reason why you pay attention to basketball. Obviously, Chinese basketball attracted more people’s attention because there is a leader of Yao Ming. Regrettably, it is difficult to shape a Yao Ming-style person in the Chinese football. No matter which movement, a superhero needs a superhero, just like Jordan, you will start to pay attention to NBA because Maradona pays attention to football. Yao Ming’s appearance makes Chinese basketball more charming, and paying attention to people. many.

In the context of entertainment and sports depth, basketball is coming faster than football, on the one hand, more and more entertainment stars are happy to build moving images, and it is also easy to drive fans to pay attention to relevant sports; on the other hand, increase basketball entertainment Elements, even packaged into basketball variety show, is becoming a boom.

So, football and basketball, which one do you think is China’s first movement?

Data News Editor: Chen Huaro

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Author: Liu Jun

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