Attack and defense!Kuri Offense Efficiency Alliance 1st Defense Efficiency Alliance Fifth Net Efficiency Alliance 1

Beijing time November 29th, the warrior team wins the boat and got 7 consecutive victories.

The game, the reputation of Curi’s defensive ends showed 6 steals, and the lens of the single defense George is also impressive.

It is worth mentioning that the personal offensive efficiency in the library is 117.4, the first, personal defensive efficiency is also 9
6.7, and the fifth place in the League.

The net efficiency value of the Curry is 20.7 is the first in the high-level alliance. It is more than the second value of 5.1, the second TOP’s net efficiency value https://www.maillotbasket6.comof 15.6 and the 10th Grant-Hill’s 13.3 is only only2.3.