After "double reduction", children are dry? Run, with the ball, shoot … Mingqiang Primary School Football Carnival

In new letest order to let more children participate in football, enjoy the fun of this movement, with this enriching students’ school life,Recently, Mingqiang Primary School East, Western Campus held 2021 respectively“League in the competition, promote”“Mingqiang Cup”Campus football carnival activities.

At the beginning of the event, the two school districts were in charge of the president. Experience the charm of breaking news now india football and show your soccer spirit.

This football carnival event is divided into 6 projects.

Project 1: “Football Knowledge Q & A”

This project aims to enhance students’ football sports knowledge reserves to make it a more comprehensive understanding and understanding of football. The students are enthusiastic and actively participate. On the topic, they cheered each other, answer the topic, they encourage each other, and use action to interpret what “Friendship is the first, the second”.

Project 2: “Football Star Q & A”

Children have their favorite stars and use them as role models. Customs: “The power of the example is endless!” Messi’s lore, C-Luo’s hat tricks, it is blindly boiling. Come see if these stars don’t know?

Project 3: “Football Dart”

At the moment of showing the hand, the students have all the monopolism, the exhibition, showing the enthusiasm and insistence between the strong students on football.

Project 4: “Football Nine Palace”

This project is higher in speed and degree, but students are still enthusiastic, adhering to the good quality of “hard work, overcoming difficulties”, and take this level.

Project 5: “Drug Ball”

In football, transitional technology plays a key role. So as a bright student, how can you not feel how to play the ball?

Project 6: “Ding Pow”

As we all know, football is a team of teamwork, mastering the opportunity to give a teammate, it will be further stepped away from the goal.

Six projects challenged, got a small friend of six chapters, ushered in an exciting job. The students’ face is full of smiles. The prize that has been struggled with your own efforts is a priceless treasure.

Experience the Football Carnival event, ushered in the “2021 Minggu Cup Campus Football Class League Championship”. The deputy principal will give a speech before the start of the competition, and give the athletes to feed, so that the original cold weather has added a warmth.

In this final, four (1) classes and four (13) compete for the quarter, four (3) classes and four (4) classes to compete for the crown year. Compared with the pre-selection, the four class players’ technology is more mature, with more tacit understanding, and the growth rate is visible.
Since the competition is too exciting, each class cheerleader has made it out, cheering for the team supported, and the rhythmic refueling slogan has become another beautiful scenery on the court. The athletes on the field are more morale, such as Tiger!
Time flies, the last half of the game is over, when resting in the midfield, cheering the baby uses the performance of the performance of the vibrant performance, winning the applause and cheers, making the original nervous stadium atmosphere have a trace Easy, but also make the players more fungus. In the second half of the competition, the players have done their best, light your dreams with green, and dance youth. Finally, four (3) class football team passed off, and settled the group and won the championship, won the championship of the Campus Football Class League of Mingqiang Primary School, and four (4) classes and four (1) football team received runner-up and quarterly. Four (1) class Chen Yu won the game gold boots award. The deputy principal will give a award for winning teams and players.

Dongcai Champion: Four (3) Class

East School Army: Four (4) Class

East School Silver: Four (1) Class

Eastern Colonel Golden Boot Award: Four (1) Class Chen

Western champion: four (5) classes

Western Army: Four (4) Class

Western school season army: four (7) classes

Western Colonel Gold Boot Award: Four (5) Class Wan Yum Chen

Fourth grade big shadow

In addition to the sports team teachers and club coaches, members of the referee, there are also a group of “professional” football referee, which is from the fourth grade football team, and their division of labor is clear, and law enforcement is strict, and has become a beautiful landscape in this competition.
After a month, 2021 “Mingqiang Cup” campus football class what is the news update league was successfully cached. The event made everyone deeply experienced that unity was the true meaning of strength, and also felt the charm of football. With this competition as an opportunity, Mingqiang Primary School will further improve the level and penetration rate of campus football, so that football culture and spirit have accelerated the progress of the school’s work, so that every Mingqiang students have a strong body.

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