A few days ago, “New Generation · Legend” Milwaukee Silver Breaker Player Signing Ceremony and MLB China 2019 Strategic Conference was held in Beijing. Since 2007 officially entered the Chinese market, the MLB avenite rod University Alliance has gradually established education-oriented baseball development system in China. He has established the MLB Baseball Development Center https://www.mlbtrojerse.com in Jiangsu Province to cultivate Chinese Youth Baseball Talents.At the press conference, Zhao Lun, Yi Jian, and Yong Yongkang, from the MLB Baseball Development Center, signed a MLB team Milwaukee. As the Brewer Team Scout, Taylor Green was invited to Beijing to participate in the signing ceremony. For this three Chinese baseball teenager, Taylor Green said, “We have been trying to discover baseball talents worldwide. This year came in China. Many potential new stars are impressive, they have a solid baseball basic skill and excellent game reading ability. I am very satisfied with the contract of the Milwaukee’s winemaker. “After the signing ceremony, the vocabulary of Taylor Green, which was defended by the winemaker, expressed his future expectation of Chinese baseball, and gave the media focus person Zhao Lun https://www.maillotsenligne.com station in the scouting professional perspective.Milwaukee Silver Ball Exploration Supervisor Taylor Green accepts media interviewsWhat is the ball of the ball? Previously, the three bases of a winemakerTaylor Green has become a scouting in February 2016, which is promoted to the scouting supervisor for his abundant and comprehensive baseball knowledge in just three years. Different from other colleges, Taylor Green not only played, but also for Milwaukee’s wineman.In 2005, the college Taylor-Green entered the Milwaukee Brewing Temple through the MLB draft. Like three players signed, he is also from the newcomer alliance. After 6 years of “leveling road”, Taylor Green finally joined the big alliance at the end of the 2011 regular season. The first time I got anaters, the first show is perfect. The entire https://www.b2bshopp.com 2011 season, Green has a 37-shot, and the hits reached 2% 70 but did not have a home run. As an emphasized three-speed position, Green’s performance is slightly short.In 2012, Green was invited to participate in the spring training of the Milwaukee brewant, but the performance was not good as the team with a small League 3A level team Nashville audio. The active Green in the state encounters a heavy blow – the left hips are severely torn, and he is directly missed in the 2013 season. In the end, Green considers three choices to retire, but he did not stay away from baseball, but he became a winemaker. Green, which has a large union experience, can be said to be the elite of the Milwaukee winemaker.For the first time, I came to China to optimistic China Baseball Market.The signing ceremony was the first time https://www.mlbboutique2.com of winemaking, Thaler Green came to China. Since the United States, I have been in contact with the three players last year, Green began to learn more about Chinese baseball. Looking at these three playerside, Green is amazed in China’s baseball training system. From their competition, this winemaker scout saw the potential of large alliance players.This signature is the three mainland Chinese mainland players in the same team. In addition, Xu Guiyuan, Qihai Cheng, Qiang Ren, Wang Yang, MLB Baseball Development Center, have accumulated seven Chinese players to the US baseball team.As one of the highest level of sports in the world, the baseball project returns to Tokyo Olympics, China National Baseball Team has also opened a training program in the US small alliance “and Wolf Dance” competition. Chinese baseball continues https://www.trikotskaufenn.com to emerge in young teenagers, all ages of baseball games have passed out overseas, and the winemaking ball thaw Green is also quite optimistic about China’s baseball market.When asked the three teenages of this sign, Green also said that they are very optimistic about them and believe that they will work hard, and I hope that they will eventually board the stage of the big alliance.Talking about Zhao Lun look forward to him to achieve 160 km / h for fireball achievementsIn the summer of 2018, in the Washington SAR, the University of Rypken, or Zhao Lun, a high school student, facing the American University baseball players, and handed over 2 games of three games, three games, three games. one. He has reached 152km / h, and the signing ceremony has become a potential of foreign media and professional https://www.mlbtrikot4.com scouting.Talking about Zhao Lun, Green said that it has a variety of ball Zhao Lun pickers. He has a linear speed ball with 152 km / h. As the age increases in the training of small alliance science, Zhao Lun will have progress in the future, as long as he continues to attack a good shield, he will definitely further.The trend of the entire big union pitcher is the more vast times, the average spheric speed of the fast ball in the past decade has risen nearly 5 km / h. If a pitcher can reach 160 km / h, he will be played on the label of “Fireball Men” and chased by the big ball. The absolute ball represents a strong pressing force, and the speed difference caused by the variation of this mixing ball will make the player frequently spend. From 152 km / h to 160 km / h, although it is only 8 kilometers, the pressure on the court https://www.maillotspascherfr.com is two worlds.Zhao Lun’s curmed is very deceptive17-year-old 152 km / h / hour Zhao Lun received a few years of career training, Taylor-Green Heart wanted to let Zhao Lunda unlock this “fireball” achievement. But Green also said that it is really difficult to reach 160 km / h. It is really difficult. It is not necessary to increase the hidden dangers in the absolute speed. Meries and bearer-docked cutilers.Interpretation of Zhao Lun ball exploration report although the body is thin but strength is fullThe American famous baseball website gives Zhao Lun to high evaluation, and the scout report pointed out that the current speed is 144 to 148 km / h, but the website also got the ball is quite immature. However, Zhao Lun’s courses have been evaluated very high. In the US scout report, 80 is full, and https://www.fanbutikk.com Zhao Lun’s potential value has 70 points and has 55 points in the current level.As the Brewer Poophoblus, Taylor Green has interpreted Zhao Lun’s scout report. He said that he received the first feedback from the front, Zhao Lun is thin but the body’s strength is very good. By watching Zhao Lun training in Arizona, Green also confirmed this conclusion, although Zhao Lun’s body shape and the US small alliance athletes have no advantage but may be the strongest in the team. Green believes that the body is large or small is not important as it is best to grow in training.Through strength training Zhao Lun’s pitching speed or grows, this will undoubtedly increase the hidden dangers. Many players have reached 160 kilometers per hour through strength training, but excessive strength training will reduce the flexibility of shoulder joint and elbows, and finally the unique ending is the ligament tear. In this regard, Taylor Green said that the strength training and ligament tear only, especially for pitcher, be careful in training. He also said that the Milwaukee’s winemaker has a scientific coach team, some of which are the top experts in the sports training industry, they will do their best to ensure that Zhao Lun has perfectly balanced between spherical speed and injuries.Zhao Lun picked up on the courtWhether the https://www.fanstore2.com

field is playing two knife flows, it is still beasible but the growth template is Da Valong Ping.

Zhao Lun, who is playing “two knives”, was rated as the 24th rookie of the Milwaukee Wine Scenery Small Alliance Farm System. Asian players can play, naturally, netizens have Zhao Lili as the Chinese version of Da Guxiangping.

In the face of whether it is given to Zhao Lun and hit the opportunity to fight again, Taylor Green said that the recent team is discussing. Zhao Lun’s performance in Arizona’s fighting training is good, but as a pitcher Zhao Lun is more winning, the lower pitcher is very fast. Green is still more preferred to make Zhao Lilong as a pitcher, but I believe that the future brewing people will give Zhao Lun’s opportunity to fight. Finally, Taylor Green mentioned that Zhao Lun can grow as the players like https://www.mlbtrojerdk.com Grand Valla.

Last year, from the Japanese immigrants, Grand Valley, Xiangping is a “Japanese blood baseball comics” coming out, the first year to MLB, I will receive a 2018 newcomer award. Da Vali is “Pitcher Will Will Call” the turning point of the era, and Zhao Lun, which is two knife flows, will officially challenge the aesthetic bar this month. I hope he is constantly bringing us surprises to show the Chinese version of the Chinese version.