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Xinhua News Agency, Hebei River August 22 (reporter soldier, Xiao Shizhen, Yang Fan) On 22nd, the newly elected Chairman Chen Yueyuan and Secretary-General Liu Wei communicate with the media. When talking about the World Cup, Chen Yenyuan said that he was the same as the vast fans, and he also hoped to see a World Cup in China.

On August 22, Chen Yueyuan was elected Chairman of the Chinese Football Association. On the same day, the 11th China Football Association member conference was held in the Hebei Xianghe National Football Training Base. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Can

When I replied to the issue of the Xinhua News Agency on whether to bid to host the World Cup, Chen Yueyuan said: “I believe in the World Cup. I believe that the Chinese Football Association will carefully promote the bidding of the World Cup. I am like the vast fans, I also hope It can be seen in China in China. “

From Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd. to the Chairman of the Chinese Football Association, what kind of mental history?

Chen Yunyuan said: “I have worked in Shanggang Group for 46 years and have a very deep feeling of this company. When I want to leave the company, it is indeed reluctant. Although I am a fan, even though I am in Hong Kong. The Super League, but it is a part. You can’t say that I have a lot of understanding, I have a good understanding of the overall situation. I have been deeply felt that the Football Association is very difficult. So I was very entangled. Why is it uneasy? Two Reasons. First, more than 40 years of reform and opening up, all of our countries have turned over, but the development of football is behind the development, I think this responsibility is very important. Second, I can’t say that I am Football, I am still a football outside. I can’t say that I know a little football hair, I know the law of football. Someone asked me how to know Chinese football development rules? I said that I still have to continue to explore. My The ability can adapt to the responsibility to me, it is the second reason I am uneasy. “

On August 22, Deputy Director of the State Sports General Administration, the vice chairman of the Chinese Football Association, Du satta king faridabad news Zhao (left), and the Chairman of the Chinese Football Association shake his hand. Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Can

Chen Yongyuan said that he was a lot more than three months ago. “There are three reasons. First, the last Football Association has done a lot of work. Nowadays, many cadres and workers of the Football Association, their enthusiasm for football, their professional ability, let me see football or foundation. Second, I think as long as you serious Implementing the football plan, you can do the football. Third, so far, I think everyone can accept my work to China Football Association, and I hope that I can make new development for Chinese football in the President of the Football Association. Strive, fans’ expectations are also my strength. www today news in tamil “

At the First Executive Committee of the New Football Association, he was nominated by Chen Yuan, and the executive committee voted to select Liu Wei as the Secretary General of the Chinese Football Association. He said in explaining his dutaining, the first is to coordinate the external interest appeal and relationship between complex football business development, the second is all the strength and resources within the coordinating association, and the third is to implement the new executive committee. policy.

When I replied Xinhua News Agency, Liu Wei said: “One of the key points of the next step of the Football Association is the hematopoietic capacity and survival ability idukki vision news of the membership association. Chinese football is a huge system engineering, The Chinese Football Association must realize that it is not finished by us. The Local Football Association is powerful, and it is a key task that we blame the no loan. So before the local football team and the local sports bureau first, the first thing is to Let them be strong. Second, every region of culture, society, and economic environment are very different, absolutely can’t cut a knife. We hope that the local football associations and local governments must be actively promoted, and they must be careful, not enough. The conditions cannot be eager to take. The Chinese Football Association is resolutely supported, and we will also release more favorable policies to make local football associations greater leading role in local football jurisdictions. meerut election news”

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