39 + 5 + 6! James has led the lake to overtime winning, a data consolidated the second

After a ban, LeBron James has been invested. He https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com also has 39 + 5 + 6 data, and he also has a wonderful performance at a critical moment. It is the key to beat the pedestrians at 124-116 by 124-116. James also consolidated the second status of NBA history on a data.

In this game, James has played 4 minutes and 28 seconds, 13 of 29 shots, including five in the three-point line, 5 out of the 3rd, got 8 free throws, gave 8, got 39 Divided 5 rebounds 6 assists 1 time to steal 2 caps of data, this is James’s regular season in this season, the first single score is not less than 35 points, and the only score 30+ player in this game.

In fact, James is not good in this game, and the offensive efficiency is not high. It has repeatedly consumed huge in the inner line, and his positive and negative value in the game has always been negative. It is giving people to the truth, but https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com he is working in a crucial moment, and the three-pointers who are not good at doing, especially the two three-point play in the overtime, lost their suspense. Such performance is very refined for James himself and the Lakers in this season.

This is already the 156th regular season of James NBA career to get 35+ scores 5+ rebound 5+ assists, what is the concept? Only three players in the NBA active players get such data no less than 55 times, except James, 120 times and Russell – Wesbrook 86 times, and many people It is necessary to catch up with https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
James, Durant, has only taken such data in the 48 regular season.

In the long NBA history, only 5 players get such data in the regular season, not less than 90, except James and Harden, and Oscar Robterson, Michael-Jordan and Ville Special – Zhang Bolun’s three “big god”, including 22 in James, Zhang Bollen, is 53 more than James. However, the performance of James can only rank the second NBA history. He is currently with the first “big O” gap between “big o”.

?? James has got 35 + 5 + 5 data in 156 regular seasons, leading the third place in the NBA history rankings of this data, leading the second, the second, history fourth Harden 36 games, James further consolidates the second status of the NBA history, do you think he can rush on the first position in this data?