33 teams on the green field, the first sports festival football competition in Pingshan District ended successfully

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On November 15th, the Ministry of Pingshan District Committee (Pingshan District Cultural Radio and Television Tourism Sports Bureau) hosted, the first sports festival football competition in Pingshan District ended successfully in Pingshan Football Park. After a wonderful competition, the Pingshan Machine Team won the championship of the competition, Longtian Street, and the Pingshan State-owned team received runner-up and quarterly. Yang Jun, Secretary of the Pingshan District Party Committee, member of the Standing Committee of the Pingshan District Committee, and the Minister of Propaganda Department attended the event.

On November 15th, the first sports festival football competition in Pingshan District ended in Pingshan Football Park.

This competition lasted 18 days, from the 33 teams of various agencies and enterprises in the district, a total of 71 fierce competitions, the unity of participating teams, struggled, fully demonstrating good spiritual features and confidence in Pingshan football enthusiasts Style.

33 teams have conducted 71 fierce competitions

At 8:00 in the evening, the exciting championship battle was carried out between the Pingshan Organs team and the Longtian Street team. The teams of the two sides have advanced the finals with strong strength. During the competition, both players came to me, there was a fight, and the fierce competition was launched. The audience is enthusiastic, cheering, cheering, and shouting out the ball for athletes. In the end, the team of Pingshan organs won the competition with 1: 0.

The champion battle is unfolded between the Pingshan Machinery Team and Longtian Street.

Pingshan organs won the competition with 1: 0

The football game has become one of the people’s most beautiful music.

Football is the competition, the more wisdom; football is a collision of passion, ideal flying. It is understood that the football competition is the largest in the previous competition, the competition, the team, and personnel create the most competition in the past, and the most popular competition of the public.

The audience is enthusiastic

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“This is the most successful football match in recent years.” After the game, the relevant person in charge of the Pingshan District Football Association told reporters that the strength of each participating team in this competition is close, and the winning and negative is often between the ball, in recent years, Pingshan The football level is gradually improved, and it has become one of the people’s beautiful fitness exercises.

The audience cheers for athletes.

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Quality sports, live in Pingshan. The first sports festival basketball open in Pingshan District is in full swing, badminton group competition, table tennis group competition and other series of events, the citizen friends can pay attention to registration.

At 2021, the 4th Football Competition in Pingshan District List:

First place: Pingshan Machine Team

Second place: Longtian Street Team

Third place: Pingshan State-owned team

Fourth place: Berling Defeng team

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Fifth place: Hakka joint team

Sixth: Electric King Charging Pile Team

Best Goalkeeper: Longtian Street Team Heoshi

Best Shooter: Pingshan Machine Team Li Wenwei

The most influential player: Zhang Yushan

Excellent Organizational Award: Pothth Street Team, District Education

Sports Moral Fashion Award: Pingshan China Wedges, Pingshan Power Team

Review: Yufanghua Tianjun

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