24 + 15 + 7! Nuggets lightly take the heat of the heat, the six-game streak, Yesji one data approached Duncan

Beijing time on November 30th, the Nuggets were taken at 120-111 at 120-111. This season realized the sweep of the heat, but also let the Nuggets ended the six-game defeat. Nikola – Jackic got a 24 + 15 + 7 data in this game, and a data in the NBA career has approached Tim – Duncan.

Due to the conflict https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com of the first conformation of the two sides, the two brothers of Jiki came to Miami, but they were watching the King Kong Nuggets, but the last conflict The protagonist Jimmy-Butler and Morris are round to take a lot of points, and https://www.maillotbasket6.comthere is not much wave of the game, and the Nuggets maintains the two-digit lead in most of the game. Eventually to defeat the heat and end the sixth streak.

Under the case of reimbursement in Murray and Porter, Yoschi has become the only relying on Nuggets. He also showing his own rule in this game, 14 times in 32 minutes. 9 of the shots, three of them, 3, 6 free throws, 5 free throws, 7 of the 7 points of the assists, only 1 mistakes have been fouled, the team has a second high + 17 The positive and negative value of 17 also proves that Yeski’s contribution to the end of the Nuggets ended.

This is already the 117th regular season in Jikiqui NBA career to get 20+ score 10+ rebound 5+ assists, what is the concept? “Great Dream” Olagu Want’s entire NBA career is just in 114 regular games, “big shark” O’Neill is only https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
in the 110 regular season, but recognized NBA history The first big striker Tim-Duncan got this data in the 118 regular season in the NBA career. From this data, Yauchi has approached Duncan! Not unexpected, Yekchi will complete Duncan’s transcendence in this data.

In the NBA active player, only 3 players got 20+ scores in the regular season than about 10+ rebounds 5+ assists than about Kobe, respectively, is LeBron James, Russell Wes Brooke and letters. It is worth mentioning that Kevin Durant has only been such performances in the 98 regular season, and Dewhat Howard has only taken such data https://www.maillotbasket6.com in the 17 regular season.

Since this season, Jikiki can get 26.4 points of 13.6 rebounds 6.4 assists in 59.3% of shooting in the field of 14 regular seasonings. Last season he got a regular season MVP, but the major injuries of the Nuggets made Yorkchi lost the opportunity to deny MVP.