2018 Russian World Cup Tour South American District Team: Samba King Brazilian National Men Football Team

2018 Russian World Cup Tour European Face: Samba King of the Football King Brazil National Man Football Team

Editor’s note: The four-year World Cup is both a fans’s carnival. It is also the world’s carnival. It is also a feast of football. On the time of 2018, the Russian World Cup is about to watch the 2018 Russian World Cup, enjoy the Russian World Cup, Before the World Cup started a 2018 W Russian World Cup team tour, one by one introduced 32 teams, through introduction, let everyone have a more broad understanding of the World Cup, so that everyone is integrated into the World Cup, Enjoy the World Cup, Happy World Cup. After introducing the host and the five balls of Asia and its European more than ten teams, we look at the team of South America, which is the important force in the World Cup, and it has a football kingdom. The Brazilian national men’s football team called the King of Samba is also a popular team. It is a team that everyone is very concerned.

Brazilian national men’s football team

The Brazilian national men’s football team was managed by the Brazilian Football League, and the Brazilian Football Leader was established in 1914 and joined FIFA in 1924. And on behalf of Brazil to participate in large international football A level events. The Brazil’s record has been invincible, almost the number of major cup champions, and the Brazil is known as the world’s most famous and successful national football team, they are the largest teams that win the World Cup football championship, Brazil 11 After entering the 4th, the champion was obtained in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002, won the World Cup champion in 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994. In the 1958 Swedish World Cup final, the Brazil team got the championship in 5: 2 victory, and became the first American team in the history of the World Cup champion. The Brazil team has killed the World Cup finals in 1994-2002, and the results of 2 crowns have created the history of football. The 1970 Brazil is more selected as the World History Best Team by FIFA. In addition to the World Cup, the Brazilian Federation Cup won 4 champions. It is the strongest team in the world, the Americas Cup has received 8 championships, and the five-star Brazilian team also has a team of fans, and has a large number of fans in Europe. Because the Brazilian national team covered all the awards related to men’s football and maintaining various records and the strong enthusiasm of the Brazilian people on football, Samba also has born countless superstars, which are called “Football Kingdom” by the whole world. On December 1, 2017, the 2018 Russian World Cup group was released, Brazil, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Serbia.

Team history

Samba King – Brazilian Football Team

In 1914, the Brazilian Football Association was established. In 1958, Brazil won the World Cup champion. In 1958, Brazil won the World Cup champion, and in 1923, the FIFA was joined. By 2006 Brazil is already the 18th entry into the World Cup final. Brazil is the only team in the world to participate in the final stage of the final stage. The Brazil is the most successful team in the history of the World Cup. As a football kingdom, the Brazil team did not miss the final stage of the World Cup, and in 1964, the Brazil was only lost in the World Cup group. In 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002, winning the world, winning the world’s first, and the Brazilian team took the champion of almost all the football cups and is almost the total number of major cups championships. And holders.

Since 1930, since the World Cup held, the Brazilians did not miss the World Cup event, which is a unique record in the world football. “Ball” Beiler said: The World Cup without the Brazilian team will be unimaginable.

The Brazilian team is still the only team in the world who won the World Cup champion. In addition, the Brazilian team has also won the two runners, the quarter, and an honorary army. It is the best team in the history of the World Cup. By 2002, the Brazil team was 7 times in the World Cup final, only 8 times in the German team.

In 1962, the Brazilian defending the World Cup championship, in 1950, the Brazil team held the World Cup for the first time. In this competition, the Brazilian team is in the finals, but in the last time you need to win, you can win 20,000 fans in Manacana, in the advantages of advanced one, In the case of the other as a day, but still 1: 2 is expected to be a strong tough Uruguay team.

In 1958, Brazil was the first World Cup in Sweden. At that time, only 17-year-old Bailei and Galin Chasing a Brazilian team to set up the horses. In 1958, the Brazilian team defeated the host Sweden in the final won the World Cup champion, and the classic 4-2-4 flakes shocked the world, Baile, Garin, Didi, Wada and other superstars through the perfect performance The convincing of the Leidi goddess; 4 years later, in the absence of most of the game in Bailei, “Birds” plus the Brazilian, the Brazil is defeated in the finals. Czech Lord team, defending;

rcb newsIn 1962, the Brazilian defending was successful in the World Cup held in Chile.

In 1970, the Brazil team won the third time in Mexico. Players Didi, Wada, Galvering, Yazinnio and Beiler have become a legendary figure. In 1970, Beili participated in the last World Cup. The Brazilian team re-picked up a classic 4-2-4 formation, and they won the Italian team in the finals, won the World Cup champion, and permanent It has a remest goddess gold cup. What didn’t think of, as Baile’s retired Brazil has fallen into an unprecedented trough, they have no two consecutive years with the World Cup champion – until the US World Cup after 24 years.

In 1994, the new coach Perera created a brand new, European Brazil, using the European rourkela news Treatment and the tactics of Brazilian, gave up the art football Samba army kicked out a “practical” The World Cup, they have defeated the Netherlands, Sweden and Italy (penalty) three European teams, and the fantasy combination Roman Roman, and Betto will win the World Cup again after 24 years.

In 1994, the World Cup was held in the United States. Brazil won the 4th time after defeating Italy and became the first four times that won the World Cup. Brazil also won the fair competition award and pleasure of this World Cup.

In 1998, the Brazilian team was unimpeded to the French team in the case of being unanimously cross town news jammu optimistic.

In 2002, in the past four years later, the Brazilian team has poor record, and it is difficult to do in the World Cup qualifier, and there is no longer a world cup final. In the case of continuous replacement of three coars, there is no improvement in the situation, Skolari string, took handsome print, with his courage and high-looking, success, and the Brazilian team entered the Korean World Cup. Since Scripli, Skolari, who is known in the pragmatic style, the Brazilian team has been difficult to see the style of South American football light. He continued to carry forward the tactics of the Europeanization in the backlight and Brazilian, in addition to the individual players played an eye-catching performance, and today’s overall level seems to have declined. Skolari’s football thinking is to win, you can constantly foul. Fans who love Brazil football may be disappointed on the World Cup, because the Brazilian team they are familiar with is not returned.

They were not optimistic about more fans in the Korean World Cup in 2002. However, at that time, the head of Just halfway was very good to play the potential of “3R”, and Rhobaro is in the peak state of his career. Ronaldo is also recovering from a long injury, Ronald Denio wears pin lead in the frontcourt, and their horrible attack power is playing in this competition. In the back field, the three-senior guards have strictly guard against their own restricted area. In the end, the Brazilian team has won the seven wars, and the captain Caalth has become the first three consecutive competition in the history of the World Cup. The players in the finals are also the best shooters in the finals.

After the 2002 World Cup, Pereira took office before the German World Cup in 2006, the Brazilian team with “Magic Quartet” (Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Kaka, Adriano) was regarded as a popular. But the performance of the Brazilian team in the gathering of the group is disappointing. The Brazilian team was 0: 1 to the French team with Zida. Ended the German trip. Only Kaka in the four big stars in the front field is working.

In 2006, the World Cup, the high-profile Brazilian team lost in the 1/4 final, returned to the French team in advance, the head coach Perera was, the only harvest of the Brazilian team was Ronaldo, he was in this Cup. 3 balls, with a total of 15 balls, beyond Germany’s famous front stroke, became the king of goal in the history of the World Cup.

In 2010, the Brazilian team was still a big popularity, and the Brazilian national team called “Five Star Brazil” was lost to the Dutch team in 1: 2 of the finals. In 2010, the South African World Cup, Brazilians in Kaka’s leadership team two wins, 1/8 final 3: 0 big win Chile team, advance to eight; on the road to enter the four strong roads, encountered Dutch blockers , 1: 2, pay, bid farewell to South Africa. The Brazilian team is a representative of the technical type, and the players are technically technically technically technically, and the combat capacity of individuals is strong, and in the formation of an offensive control type, it has been used for decades. In 2014, the Brazilian World Cup, in Brazil VS Colombia, Nemar did not have a World Cup, Brazilian captain Tiago. Silva was also unable to participate in the Brazil Vs Germany. History’s largest score: Brazil 1: 7 Germany (2014 Brazil World Cup semi-final) Brazilian people anger, burning the national flag bus from anger.

Beijing time July 13, 2014 4 (1 At 17:00 in Brazil) Brazil rewrites the host of the host, the ball record (14 goals), and the first major scene of the first game in 74 years. In this game, Brazil created a team of ball records (14 goals) after the 1986 Belgium (15 lost ball), and also broke the host of the host of the host (1954 Switzerland lost 11 goals). Brazil’s last home 2 games will be traced back to 1940.

On March 28, 2017, the Brazilian national men’s football team won the qualification of the 2018 Russian World Cup, which is the 21st participation.

In this World World Cup, the Brazilian team is considered to win the popularity. In order to inspire the Brazilian team to win the championship, the Brazilian Football Association opened the most significant bonus in the history of the team. According to the “St. Paul], Brazil’s winning bonus is $ 1 million per person. Brazil won the winning prize for the World Cup: 40 million per person per person is 40 million

In the World Cup, the Brazil team will recruit 23 players. If you win, the players’ winning prize is $ 23 million. And Brazil will not only reward players, and will also have the same bonus for coachtit and coaching members. This means that if the Brazilian team wins, the total bonus will be close to $ 40 million.

Not long ago, the Brazilian team has announced the change of bonuses. In the Wedding World Cup, if the Brazilian team won the championship, it will issue five bonuses. After the group went out, the first pen was issued, and the second, third and fourth bonuses were issued after the top 8, the top four and finals. After winning, the Brazil will issue the fifth bonus.

In this World World Cup, the Brazil will only issue three bonuses. The first is before starting, 23 players in the big list will be “calling the award”. The Football Association will only issue the second bonus after Brazil. The third bonus will be issued after the championship.

At 1 o’clock in the morning of May 15, Beijing time, Brazilian national team coach Tit announced the World Cup Samba Army Brazilian national team’s official list lineup! NaMal led, Tiago-Silva, Maselo, Polygonio, Kascei Luo, Kicketon, and other famous names have been selected by the Brazil 2018 World Cup countries football team lineup.

Brazil 2018 World Cup National Team 23 list:

Door will:Alidon (Rome), Edson (Manchester City), Casio (Collinian);

Guard:Darnilo (Man City), Firna (Collini), Tiago-Silva (Paris Saint-Germain), Marcinios (Paris Saint-Germain), Miranda (International Milan), Maselo (Real Madrid), Philippe (Madrid Athletics), Jeromel (Gremio);

Midfielder:Kassemulo (Real Madrid), Fernandon (Manchester City), Poly Neolio (Barcelona), Fred (Donetsk Miners), Augusto (Beijing Zhonghe Guoan), Kuti Nio (Barcelona), William (Chelsea), Douglas Costa (Juventus);

forward:Nemar (Paris Saint-Germain), Tyson (Donetsk Miners), Hertus (Manchester City), Philmino (Liverpool).

Brazilian group schedule (Beijing time):

June 18th 02:00 Brazil – Switzerland

June 22, 20:00 Brazil – Costa Rica

June 28th 02:00 Brazil – Serbia

Xiaobian Postmarks:

Brazilian football can be said to be a world football. It is both a football kingdom. It is also a king of Samba. In this country, football is both a myth, and everyone seems to have an intake of the football, and football is more Happiness, bringing happiness, brought honor. And this World Cup, Brazil is the biggest popularity of winning, and it is also rushing to the champion. Everyone is looking forward to the performance of Brazil, and I hope to see the Brazilian performance.

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