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In the field of football, the comprehensive strength from various national teams in Europe is undoubtedly stronger, especially in recent years. In history, South American football also has a handball with European football, but now has been opened a gap. Even so, the comprehensive strength of South American football is still ranked 2nd in the world.

There are 7 continents in the world, and the actual situation of football is considered, and there is only Asian, Africa and North America.So today we have analyzed from three dimensions, these three continents who can rank the third place in the football field.

Star popularity and strength

In the football world, a little concern is the star of countries. Among these three continents, Africa is undoubtedly the most prosperous star. There is a golden ball winner Georgeva. Koszulki Mbappe The medium-term Doraba, Eto’o, etc., existing Monetary, Sarah is more than 100 million stars.

African football is basically in every era, there are their excellent representatives. Confused another 2 continents, Asia, their current most representative players, just Koreans Sun Xingzhen. Whether it is the previous car far root, Pu Zhixing, Liverpool Jersey etc., in fact, it is far from the world-class star. North America is similar to Asia in this point, so the star’s popularity, Africa is the third continent of the football.

World Cup score

Football is a team of sports, so even if there is no star, the national team can often have excellent results in the World Cup. Among these three continents, Africa is the only country that has entered the country, and they have recently been in 2010 in the 2010 Embassy.

And about the number of topsums with this 3 continents, in fact, it is also very close. In addition to 1966 North Korea, Asia is the 2002 South Korea (Temple). On Africa, 1990 Cameroon, 2002 Senegal and 2010 Ghana have achieved this achievement. The North American team scored a top 8, one is 1930 (quarter army) and 2002 in the United States, a 1986 Mexico, one is 2014. Costa Rica.Comprehensive results, the North American team has been leading in this list.

Comprehensive strength of the team

If each continent comes to the team, Asia is undoubtedly Japanese and South Korea, and North America is Mexico and the United States. As for Africa, it can be selected, Cameroon, Nigeria or even Egypt, can represent it.

In the impression of Xiaobian, the world’s world ranked many times in the top 10, so they can be seen as the strongest of the most list. And the United States is located in the first 20 of FIFA, all year round. As for the highest rankings in Asia, it should be South Korea after the World Cup in 2002, close to the top 10. But the rest of the team, generally seem to be 30 times.

A total of three dimensional analysis, individuals believe that Africa can be called the third continent, and their comprehensive strength is the strongest.The overall situation in North America is in power in Asia, ranking 4th. Lenovo to our Asian district, just the 5th place in the world, the national football team wants to be a dream of the world strong team, indeed a considerable distance.

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