0-0! 5-0! The world’s 74th population is only 2 million, then take 3 points and kicks the addition, Iceland will go out in advance.

Up to now, there is only one round of competition in the World Preliminary European J I. As for Iceland, this team that has created myths has Soccer Jersey Discount been out.

This round of competition, North Macedonia to visit Armenia, and they actually 5-0 victory. You know, Armenia has been unbeaten by 2 wins on the home, and they have defeated the teams that Iceland and Romania are not under my own, but I didn’t expect to be thrown by North Macedonia.

This traveler is easily broken in front of the Tellaikovsky door, breaking the deadlock in North Maqiaon, and then Bardi staged a hat trick, coupled with Ristristi’s goal, and finally brought a history of poems from North Liverpool Jersey Macedonia. Level big victory.

Since Northern Macedonia got 3 points, Iceland also came out in advance, but they still had exhausted in the game (North Mazhedon to thank them, if Iceland is unintentional, the North Macedonian situation is not so optimistic). This round of guests have become 0-0 in Romania, Iceland and opponents. In the game, the 2 teams have a chance, of which Iceland is in turn shot out of the column, almost scored, and Romania hit the column at the end of the game. Surrelicate some games.

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After the end of this round, North Macedonia has contrary to Romania, raised the second group, this 74th team, has Football Shirts Wholesale the opportunity to create team history. As long as you get 3 points, you will get an additional qualification, which is a huge victory for North Macedonia. If you are lucky, the North Macedonia will participate in the World Cup in history.

According to the schedule, the last round of competitions, North Mazhason will be on the main court, while Romania is a guest to the array of Dresin, and Armenia will meet the German team at home. Since Armenian net winball is too small, they have basically out of the game (the world preliminarian is the first to see the winning ball first), the second place will be between North Maipaton and Romania, as long as the Iceland will be taken smoothly, North Malaysia does not need to Cheap Soccer Jerseymanage Romania. result.

As a small population, there is less than 400,000 small countries, Iceland has created a miracle in the European Cup, and also killed the World Cup in 3 years ago, but now, with the core player aging, they have been weak. In contrast, the population is only 2 million North Macedonia, which has gradually risen, they are a victory, I will win, I hope that the North Maqiaon can take the pressure, and finally create a new history, kill the World Cup!