"Teacher" Harvey’s Naples Middle Field Core! "New Master" Fawi, Ruiz!

Unconsciously, Fawi’an Ruis has joined Naples for three years, by a boy from the beginning, came to now twenty-five years old, kicking the method and gradually maturing, becoming Marek Ha One of the unusual players of Naples Naples, talked from Marek Hamsik, and the franchise in Vi’an Ruis did indeed a lot of Marek Hamsik. The influence, Marek Hamsik demonstrated fierce in the team, four players strive to two positions, so he also grasped the last chance of the player career to China, and Naples also received a who is new considerable The transfer fee, and Today, the performance of the French, Ruis, also perfectly undertakes Marek Hamsik in the middle of the field.

Fasian Ruis is in the summer of Betisa, the transfer fee is about 30 million euros. The transfer of Naples can be said to be very sensible, 30 million can purchase a tomorrow star. Passing the team’s future midfield position, ask now what is 30 million to buy in this priced transfer market? After the joining the team, Fawei Ruis quickly got the trust of the coach and Antotone, who was standing in the arch. The substitute was in the seven times, and the Communist Party was attacked to seven balls and contributed three times in all competitions. Assisted, and Antsotti is actually particularly surprised by the excellent performance of Fati’an Ruis. It is related to the “report” of the Son of Anthetori. Father, because of his unmarried wife living in Seville, and every time Ancelotti’s son is looking for a fiancee, it will find a chance to see Betis’s game.

Fasi An Ruis is midfield position, whether he is the left middle field, the right midfield or midfield, there is no longer, his idol is Spain and Barcelona’s midfielder Harvey, no wonder him At the foot of the feet, the passage of the ball is so good, it turns out to “Master”. He has been speaking in his visit, and he loves football because of Harvey, and he also hopes to follow Harvey’s footprint. (Don’t he hope to join Barcelona?)

Since the past, Fawi Anz is arranged in the middle of the midfield or midfield because of his discovery, so that he has released his ability or allow him to participate in the attack, but come to this season coach. Luciano Stepletti aaj will put the law in the back waist of 4-3-3, and this location is very important for a team that pays attention to the ball. For example, Bayern Munich has Joshua Kiimi, Liverpool has Fabi Nio, Manchester City has Rodrid, medium-sized team last season Sa Solo has Manuel Locatel, Luciano Spaley Trim should be the anti-pressure of French, Ruis, because he is technically good, turn around, often protects the foot of the ball, help the team to keep the ball, and don’t know if he is because he is watching Harvey There are enough games, his eyes or pass routes are unique, and the results reflect everything. In this season, he constructed a reliable barrier in front of the team’s defense, in front of the team. And Naples did not have to defeat this season.

Xiaobian is very hoping that Maxi Ruis can lead Naples this season. First, in economictimes india the first quarter of Fawi, Ruis Jacket, Naples even got 91 points in the league, still flexing the runner-up failed to win This makes Xiaobian feel very regrettable. Second, if you play a good performance this season, you will have the opportunity to jump in the Dragon Gate in next season. Views of Vi’an Ruis myself!