"New era. Promote positive energy" River Qu County new social class person donated football business activities

Shanxi Science and Technology News (Reporter Li Zhihong) On November 10, 2021, Hequ County, the new social class joint, held a donor, Town, Town, Town, Town, Town, Town, Town, Town, Town, Town. Feng Yi, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hequ County Committee, the Party Committee of the Town Town, and the Minister of the Communist Party Committee, Minister of the Minister of the Communist Party of China, Ding Guoyu, the tak news channel executive vice president of the county party committee, deputy director, Director of the Ministry of Religious Bureau Hua, the party committee of the Town Town, Tian Yongchun, member of the Party Branch of the Hequ County, the members of the Party Branch, the main donor new class personnel, the members of Shanxi Huayi Spring Coal Mine Co., Ltd., all teachers and students of the junior high school schools in the Town This donation activity. The Minister of the Communist Party of China, the Minister of the Minister of the Communist Party Committee, Ding Guo, donated the purpose and significance of the new class person to the football business, from the care of the children, paying attention to the education of mountainous areas, and paying attention to the development of sports.

Once an accidental opportunity, Tian Yongchun, the english news english news deputy secretary of the patrol Town, talked about the development of the characteristic education of the river song football, and he saw the children of the junior high school football team to break the rotten clothes, the shoes inheritance Using, from the heart, how to pay attention to the children of the football, how to solve the problem of competition costumes, ignite the love of the new class, touch the action of the new class. The Member Company of the Newlyharfa Party Branch launched a new class. New class people love companies – Yangpoquan coal mines for the generous support of this donation, thanks to the Qing Dynasty, the first-class football character, give us the opportunity of our love public welfare, bright red is not only the color of the jersey, but also these public welfare people Love color, willing to use our warmth and hope to ignite the passion and dream of football teenagers.

The new social hierarchy of Hequ County is the public welfare social organization under the leadership of the county project. Since the establishment of December 2018, we have always launched a new class person to carry out public welfare, and pass love as our initial mission, use ” Higher, faster, stronger “sports spirit to help help the people to practice the people’s common prospective goals. This donation is also the love of the newly unified member unit Yangpoquasium coal mine, giving the patrol football team spirit and material encouragement and support!

This donation activity donated football shoes for the Town Junior High School School, and four sets of clothing, 25 sets of shoes and equipment, with a value of about 12,000 yuan. This 25th classmates are: Liu Yongzhi Wang Mang, He Xin, Lu Wen Guang, Du Jinchao, Xiao Dragon, Li Yuchao, Jin Xingyu, Jian, Ming, Shi, Han, Tu, 10 news headlines in sanskrit Wang Yu, Bai Jun, Han Wei, Zhang Kun, Yutu, Xu Wenjin, Jingkun, Yutong, Yang Jing, Zhang Wenjing, Zhang Yu, Wang Hongyan, Feng Xuefang Ren Jinzhu

Wang Sheng, Junior President Wang Sheng, finally thank you sincerely hope that the Town Junior School and Football Team will make the new class people’s love, make full use of each love gift, cultivate the team, kick out good results, return the society Love.